Martial Arts Classes now in Centre, AL!

Kids Class:  This class teaches movement, balance and endurance skills (including muscle strengthening, flexibility through stretching and cardio), memory and concentration (through learning forms) and self-control. Students will learn practical self-defense skills in a format that is both enjoyable and beneficial for children ages 8-13. Classes are suitable for most fitness levels. Adult Karate Classes:  Classes are for those interested in cardio, strength training and skill building through belt advancement.  Suitable for most fitness levels.  Women's Empowerment and Self Defense is not a karate class.  It is intended to teach skills from verbal self defense to de-escalation techniques and includes some physical defense skills.  Suitable for all fitness levels for women ages 16 and up.

Beginners Martial Arts Class

Kids Karate Class

Students in this program will train in all facets of Karate, giving them a strong foundation upon which to build lifelong skills.  It incorporates the standard belt ranking system, which includes  basic blocks, strikes, kicks, forms (katas) and stances.  Our goals are to: 


  1. teach a life-long activity that can provide skills to protect 

  2. teach life lessons about self-discipline and self-respect  

  3. mediate alternatives to a fight 

  4. begin a journey that introduces one to their own inner strength and help everyone understand they are worth defending

Beginners Martial Arts Class
Self Defense Training Outdoors

Self Defense and Empowerment

Personal Safety/Self Defense Empowerment (A beginning level course designed to teach the principles and skills of empowerment self-defense. It is defined as anything you say, do, think, or believe to keep yourself or others safe. It encourages students to think in terms of options and choices, develop awareness and assertiveness skills and provide practice for physical self-defense techniques. It should expand the way students think about violence prevention, help them deal with their fears and enable them to feel more empowered in their life.)