Beth Bowman Karate

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The utmost purpose of Karate and self-defense is to eliminate fighting by discouraging the stranger’s oppression of the weaker with a power that must be based on humanity, justice, morality, wisdom and faith, thus helping to build a better and more peaceful world. Beth Bowman Karate is a different kind of martial arts school. The differences between ours and most traditional schools are in 1)Philosophy, 2)Pedagogy and 3)Methodology. For example, our philosophy is how we pay attention to violence within our society. There is not only physical violence, but a continuum, from verbal and emotional on one end of the spectrum to physical violence on the other. We address all of it, from bullying and verbal abuse to how to defend yourself against a physical attack. 2)Pedagogy refers to the practice of teaching. Some martial arts schools focus on skills that the student does not have and teaches “if you don’t do it our way you won’t be able to defend yourself”. Beth Bowman Karate helps students reveal and understand their OWN strengths, what they already have and how to use them. Many traditional martial arts schools teach respect only for the instructor; Beth Bowman Karate teaches respect for everyone. Some schools pay very little attention to the fact that a student may have experienced trauma in their past, while Beth Bowman Karate teaches with a Trauma-Informed approach, by a licensed therapist, seeking to assist the student with finding their strengths, tapping into their own resilience and being aware that some exercises may activate (or trigger) a memory of a past traumatic event. Finally, the Methodology (the means of developing a self-defense system) is about the goals and how we work towards them. Traditional martial arts schools focus on knowledge from the instructor’s own experiences but we focus on evidence-based research and the student’s experiences with bullying, violence and defending themselves. The goal of some martial arts schools concerns profit, while Beth Bowman Karate is about creating change in the world and how we interact with each other. If you are aligned with these goals, please consider inquiring about our classes.

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